My First Write in Hashnode

My First Write in Hashnode


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When it comes to writing & learning about blogs, I always consider common CMS/website builders that are used by most people (yes correct, WordPress). But as someone who always seeking the best platform to start blogging and fully features both tech/non-tech, I found hashnode is a great platform to start blogging.

Hashnode Place To Learn & Share

Before deciding which hashnode, some overthink comes to my mind:

  • Is hashnode the right platform to write a blog?

  • I am curious to learn tech every day and I am still learning to enhance my skills, especially about tech, Am I relevant to write here?

  • etc.

Until I found another blog What Can I Post on Hashnode? And Who Owns My Content? that Hashnode offers features to not post blogs about non-tech/off-topic to their communities, that triggers me no wrong to start to learn, blog and share here, even though I am not an intermediate/master about tech.


This first write is a fresh start to let me learn and share whatever good for the upcoming reader. I am excited to start next writing and enhance my blog skills both tech/non-tech here. ๐Ÿ˜Ž